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New York Times, Washington Post developers team up to create Open Elections database » Nieman Journalism Lab


Senior developers from The New York Times and The Washington Post are looking for volunteers to help collect more than 10 years of federal elections data from each state. With their help — and $200,000 in Knight News Challenge funding — Serdar Tumgoren and Derek Willis are working on creating a free, comprehensive source of official U.S. election results.

The goal is to end up with electoral data that can then be linked to different types of data sets — campaign finance, voter demographics, legislative histories, and so on — in ways that previously haven’t been possible on this scale.

Tumgoren, of The Washington Post, says the idea for Open Elections came from “mutual frustration that there is no single, free source of data — and more importantly, nicely standardized data.” Soothing this frustration isn’t necessarily going to be pretty. The task of finding state elections data — at least some of which will be a godawful, inextricable mess — will require some “brute-forcing,” Tumgoren says.


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    The idea of these two outlets working together on a public-interest project makes me very happy. Good job, NYT and WaPo....
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    De az nem egy adatbázis, hanem egy évente változó HTML felület, amire biztos nem fogsz rátolni valami másik adatbázissal...
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    Legalább az egységes választási statisztikák a Az mondjuk zavarbaejtően részletes tud lenni, hiszen...
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